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Introduction to STICE

Overview on STICE

Science, Technology and Innovation Conference and Exhibitions (STICE) is a national and multisectoral event organized every year by Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH).  It is an important platform for exchanging information and experiences from STI activities. This is the 9th STICE. 
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The Government of Tanzania, as outlined in its Third National Five-Year Development Plan (FYDP III; 2021/22 – 2025/26), places a strong emphasis on "achieving competitiveness and industrialization for human development." This strategic vision underscores the indispensable role of STI in driving economic reform, promoting industrial growth, and enabling active participation in the global trade arena. Within the framework of FYDP III, particular attention is given to addressing the challenges posed by Climate Change, which could impede the realization of set objectives.
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Conference Objectives

Reshaping and expediting the pursuit of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
Utilize STI advancements to foster decent work opportunities and economic growth.
Leverage STI for advancements in industry, innovation, and infrastructure development.
Harness STI to contribute to climate action efforts and enhance climate resilience.
Focus on utilizing STI to enhance national competitiveness on a global scale.
Complement the central theme with in-depth exploration in six thematic areas.

Main Theme

Harnessing Science, Technology and Innovation for National Competitiveness and Climate Resilience

Our Themes

Theme 1
Theme 2
Theme 3
Theme 4
Theme 5
Theme 6

Harnessing Technological and scientific innovation for economic growth

Technological Catalysts for Economic Growth and Sustainability
Key Emerging Technologies in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Climate Change Resilience Through Technology
Navigating the Transformative Landscape
Commercialization of Shelved Technologies or Innovations

Climate Vulnerability Across Diverse Sectors

Exploration of Climate Change Consequences in Tanzania
Sectors Impacted by Climate Change
Inclusive Insights from Esteemed Experts
Holistic Examination of Climate Change Impact
Synthesis of Research Findings

Leveraging STI and Indigenous Knowledge to Address Climate Change Challenges

Exploring Innovative Solutions to Climate Change in Tanzania
Essential role of scientific research, technological advancements, and innovation in bolstering climate resilience.
The use of space science and satellite technologies for monitoring and predicting climate changes
Tanzania's readiness to address these challenges as a nation
Scientific Research and Technological Advancements

Sustainable Solutions for agriculture, food safety And security (productive sectors)

Tanzania's Ambitious Agricultural Vision
National Food Safety and Security
Pivotal Role in Climate Adaptation
Long-Term Resilience Building
Collaborative Endeavors Across Sectors

Financing mechanisms to address the effects of climate change for sustainable economy

Leveraging Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) for Financial Inclusion
Fostering Collaboration between Public Institutions, Private Sectors, and Development Partners
Guiding the Path to Sustainable Climate Resilience and Economic Competitiveness
Navigating Global Challenges through Collective Action
Public-Private Partnerships as Catalyst for Effective Climate Action and Economic Dynamism

Fostering STEM Education for resilient, competitive, and sustainable economic growth.

STEM Education and Climate Change:
Government Initiatives - Emerging Technology Projects
Government Initiatives - Samia Scholarships
Informal and Formal Education Systems
Enthusiasm and Proficiency in STEM


Participation in the 9th STICE is welcome to individuals and groups from the Science,Technology and Innovation (STI) communities, both within Tanzania and beyond. This includes scientists, researchers, academics, innovators, and representatives from the private sector, public institutions, regulatory bodies, Ministries, development partners, civil society organizations, members of the media, policymakers, industry professionals, and the general public

All participants must register and pay the registration fee.
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